Current Technology Research and Development Projects

High Resolution Separations for Intact Proteins

This project seeks to develop new techniques to improve the efficiency of top-down proteomics experiments using novel techniques such as Slip Flow Chromatography and Flow Field-Flow Fractionation.
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Next-Generation Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometers for Interrogation of Whole Proteins

This project focuses on improving mass spectrometers to better analyze and fragment intact proteins.
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AUTOPILOT: Integrated Instrument Control and Data Processing for Large-Scale Proteome Projects

This project develops and disseminates new software to improve the acquisition and analysis of intact protein fragmentation data.
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21st Century Analysis of Histone Modifications

This project links the development of new methods for histone analysis with large cohorts of patients to determine if the histone epiproteome is perturbed in a disease state.
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Affiliated Staff and Collaborators

Phil Compton

Dir. of Instrumentation


Project Lead for TR&D 1


Senior Software Engineer


Dir. of Comp. Proteomics

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