Current Technology Research and Development Projects

Top-Down for the Masses — Robustness for TDMS

This project seeks to make the technique of top-down mass spectrometry achievable by any lab that wants to implement it through the development of simple, well-documented methods and protocols.
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Targeted Top-Down Proteomics

This project focuses on developing targeted assays that enable sustained and scalable analysis of individual proteoforms and proteoform families.
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Strategies for Cell Type-Resolved Top-Down Proteomics with Limited Biomass

This project develops frontier methods available nowhere else presently, driven by real limitations in proteoform sampling and analysis.
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Affiliated Staff and Collaborators

Jared Kafader

Dir. of Instrumentation

Phil Compton

Research Assoc. Prof.


Senior Software Engineer


Dir. of Comp. Proteomics

Rafael Melani

Sr Research Scientist

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