Resource Software

As part of the dissemination goals of the national resource, we present the following software packages.

ProSight Lite is a free Windows application for matching a single candidate protein sequence and its modifications against a set of mass spectrometric observations.
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NRTDP TDPortal is the front end to our search system running on high performance computing at Northwestern University.

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Top Down Viewer is a free Windows application to review results from our high-throughput search system.

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A free Windows application that provides a graphical interface for adding user-defined features to UniProt-formatted XML files for better informed proteoform searches.
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Software for analyzing native complexes and proteins.

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Deep dive software for validating your fragmentation data.

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Top Down search engine now in Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ Software..
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Other Links

Complex Search Tool: A new search engine designed for hierarchical top-down analyses, identification, and scoring of whole protein complexes by native, tandem mass spectrometry is available on-line.  An example of the type of results that can be used is available here.  A description of this tool along with several use cases was recently published and can be found here.

External Software Libraries

As part of developing our applications, the NRTDP uses a handful of external libraries. We would like to thank the following companies for their generous academic, free-use licensing.

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