Active Collaboration/Service Projects

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InvestigatorInstitutionArea of Investigation
Thomas Conrads, PhDWomen's Health Integrated Research Center at Inova Health SystemCancer
Brian Kobilka, MD
John Janetzko, PhD
Stanford UniversityCancer/Neuro
Stephen Quake, PhDStanford UniversityImmuno
Carlo Condello, PhD
WIlliam Degrado, PhD
University of California, San FranciscoNeuro
Reza Vafabakhsh, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancer/Neuro
Galit Lahav, PhD
Jeremy Gunawardena, PhD
Harvard Medical SchoolCancer
Lorenzo Gallon, MDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno
Huiping Liu, MD/PhDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno
Daniela Ladner, PhDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno
John Wilkins, MDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno
Richard D'Aquila, MDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno/Other
Cara Gottardi, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancer
Anat Tambur, DMD/PhDNorthwestern UniversityImmuno
Allan Sniderman, MD
John Wilkins, MD
Northwestern University
McGill University
John Wilkins, MDNorthwestern UniversityCardio
Hande Ozdinler, PhDNorthwestern UniversityNeuro
Steve Patrie, PhD Northwestern UniversityNeuro
Sue Hammoud, PhDUniversity of MichiganOther
David Berkowitz, PhDUniversity of NebraskaOther
Chris Schofield, DphilOxford UniversityOther
Kevin O'Connor, PhDYale UniversityImmuno

Completed Collaboration/Service Projects

InvestigatorInstitutionArea of InvestigationPublications
Jonathan Licht, MDUniversity of FloridaCancerPubmed
Philip Gruppuso, MD
Jennifer Sanders, PhD
Brown UniversityImmunoPubmed
Alan Hinnebusch, PhDNational Institutes of HealthOtherPubmed
Katherine Aird, PhDUniversity of PennsylvaniaCancerPubmed
Paul Kaufman, PhDUniversity of MassachusettsOtherPubmed
Norelle Wildburger, PhDWashington University St LouisNeuroPubmed
Ali Shilatifard, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancerPubmed

Alexander Mankin, PhDUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoOtherPubmed
Viviane Labrie, PhDVan Andel InstituteNeuroPubmed
Jennifer Amengual, MDColumbia UniversityCancerPubmed
Timothy Chan, MD/PhDCleveland Clinic and Case Comprehensive Cancer CenterCancerPubmed
Amy Rosenzweig, PhDNorthwestern UniversityOtherPubmed

Ian DeighanAltnagelvin Area HospitalCancer/ImmunoPubmed
Ali Shliatifard, PhD
Michael Keogh, PhD
Northwestern University / EpiCypherCancerPubmed
Monica Laronda, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancerSubmitted
Lloyd Smith, PhD
Michael Shortreed, PhD
University of WisconsinOtherPubmed
Ali Shilatifard, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancerPubmed
Jeffrey Schneider, PhDRush University Medical CenterImmunoSubmitted
Paulo Marcos Pinto, PhDFederal University of Pampa - BrazilOtherIn Preparation
Joe Derisi, PhD
Kevin O'Connor, PhD
University of California, San Francisco and Yale UniversityImmunoPubmed

Completed Collaboration/Service Projects Awaiting Publication

InvestigatorInstitutionArea of Investigation
Raquel Lieberman, PhDGeorgia TechOther
Thomas O'Halloran, PhDMichigan StateOther
Jim Wells, PhDUniversity of California, San FranciscoCancer
Hande Ozdinler, PhDNorthwestern UniversityNeuro
James Chandler, MDNorthwestern UniversityNeuro/Cancer
Scott Terhune, PhDMedical College WisconsinImmuno
Roger Kornberg, PhDStanford UniversityCancer
Ali Shilatifard, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCancer
Vassiliki Saloura, MD/PhDNational Cancer InstituteCancer
Douglas Vaughan, PhDNorthwestern UniversityCardio
Mike Snyder, PhDStanford UniversityCancer
Ari Melnick, MDWeill CornellCancer
Lisa BurnetteLevo TxImmuno
Steven Lipkin, MD/PhDWeill CornellCancer
Andrew Truman, PhDUniversity of North Carolina CharlotteCancer
Anjana Rao, PhDLa Jolla Institute for ImmunologyCancer
James Pesavento, PhDSt Mary's CollegeOther


Acknowledging the Resource

Please acknowledge work performed within the NRTDP with text similar to this: This research was carried out in collaboration with the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics under Grant P41 GM108569 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health and supported by the Sherman Fairchild Foundation.

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