Top-Down Proteomics Training Course

Training Course is on hold during global COVID-19 Pandemic

The NRTDP is offering a Top-Down Proteomics Training Course. In this course you will gain practical knowledge of sample preparation, experimental setup, and data acquisition for Top-Down proteomics. You will also learn how to apply computational tools, software, and workflows for analysis of simple Top-Down proteomics data. This course strives to eliminate the gap between scientific description and implementation of Top-Down proteomics. The course is intended for career faculty, postdoctoral fellows, late-stage graduate students and industry partners with prior experience in mass spectrometry.

Dates: TBD

Participants: 6-10 invited attendees

Cost: $1000 (academic) / $2000 (corporate)

Location: Silverman Hall, Northwestern University, 2170 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL, 60208

Phone: (847) 491-3731

Seminars Speakers: Neil Kelleher, Amanda Lee, Jared Kafader, Ryan Fellers

Application Deadline: TBD

A limited Number of NRTDP Graduate Student Scholarships are available! See application form or email for more information.

Top-Down Proteomics Course

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