The NRTDP has disseminated web-based training materials and tutorials here. Video tutorials demonstrating key workflow processes are generated and updated by NRTDP staff. View the tutorials below.

Overview of the Cell-Based Human Proteome Project

Neil Kelleher speaks at TEDx Northwestern: A plan to Weigh Every Protein in the Body

Neil’s TEDx Talk, presents a “big science” project with huge implications for how proteins in the human body are catalogued and used for drug therapies and treatments.

Ion Physics Underlying Mass Spectrometry

A Researcher’s Guide to Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics

Former postdoc JP Savaryn and current graduate student Tim Toby have published a tutorial on the ion physics underlying mass spectrometers to be intuitive for general readers in basic or applied biomedical research.

Sample Preparation Tutorials

Using the GELFREE 8100 Fractionation System for Molecular Weight-Based Fractionation with Liquid Phase Recovery

The accompanying video describes the use of the GELFREE 8100 Fractionation System, which partitions complex protein samples on the basis of molecular weight and recovers the fractions in liquid phase. The video describes how the technology works, how it is used, and provides resultant data, with polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis analysis of fractionated bovine liver homogenate.

CN-GELFrEE — Clear Native Gel-eluted Liquid Fraction Entrapment Electrophoresis

This protocol describes how to prepare and perform clear native gel-eluted liquid fraction entrapment electrophoresis (CN-GELFrEE), a native separation technique for non-covalent biomolecular assemblies and proteins from heterogeneous samples that is compatible with various downstream protein analysis techniques.






Top Down Tutorials

An Introductory Guide to Using TDPortal


Professor Thomas gives GEN Webinar on Top Down Proteomics


An Introductory Guide to Using TDViewer


Bioinformatics for Top Down Proteomics (David Tabb)


ProSight Tutorials

Ryan Fellers explains how to use ProSight Lite for Top Down data analysis


Bioinformatics Analysis of Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Data with ProSight Lite

In this paper we show the analysis of intact protein spectra through deconvolution, deisotoping, and searching with ProSight Lite, a free, vendor-agnostic tool for the analysis of top-down mass spectrometry data. We illustrate with two examples of intact protein fragmentation spectra and discuss the iterative use of the software to characterize proteoforms and discover the sites of post-translational modifications.

Defining Multi-Proteoform Complexes by Native Top-Down Mass Spectrometry

Nicole Haverland speaks at ASMS 2016


On Demand Webinars

Advancing SRM-based proteomics for detection and quantitation of histone modifications in scarce clinical specimens

In this webinar, we will discuss current and future technology improvements that will significantly improve the limits of detection and quantitation of existing SRM-based bottom-up approach.

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