Robust Chromatography



Description: Accurate quantification of select proteins in complex samples from LC-MS runs is critical for advances in biomarker`s discovery and therefore, the standardization of retention time is key. Nano-flow liquid chromatography (nLC) is the method of choice for MS-based proteomics. Low flow rates improve ionization and sensitivity. However, nLC becomes challenging due to its propensity to clogging and lack of reproducibility. Microflow LC (mLC) is fundamentally more straightforward to work and more robust than nLC, showing excellent reproducibility. In collaboration with New Objective, we demonstrate the application of mLC using FlowChip columns for the analysis of peptides, intact proteins, and antibodies using the state of art of LC-MS/MS to address calls for robust chromatography as outlined in TR&D5.



Separation of PicoSure peptides using micro-flow (top left) vs nano-flow (bottom left)



TR&D 5 Development Status: On going


Robust Microflow LC-MS/MS Applied to Bottom-up, Middle-down, and Top-down Proteomics. In prep

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