Description: The SampleStream unit is a fluidics-based online sample cleaning and introduction platform compatible with MS systems. SampleStream has two operating systems including high throughput direct  sample introduction to the MS system and a sample concentration/fraction collection mode. For these reasons, SampleStream is highly compatible with other TR&D  workflows to promote automation including immunoprecipitation/KingFisher protocols and Individual Ion Mass Spectrometry sample introduction.


SampleStream operation comparison to LC performance (left).

Expansion to encompass both denaturing but also native modes of operation (right).


TR&D 7 Development Status: On going

Selected Publications:

1.Novel Interface for High-Throughput Analysis of Biotherapeutics by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Hae-Min Park, Valerie J. Winton, Jared J. Drader, Sheri Manalili Wheeler, Greg A. Lazar, Neil L. Kelleher, Yichin Liu, John C. Tran, and Philip D. Compton. Anal. Chem. 2020 92 (2), 2186-2193

Scientific Presentations:

ASMS 2021, ASMS 2020

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