Senior Staff

Neil Kelleher

Resource Director/PI

Neil Kelleher is the director of the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics.

Jared Kafader

Director of Instrumentation

Jared Kafader is the lead for Technology Research and Development Projects.

Paul Thomas

Associate Director

Paul Thomas is the lead for Driving Biomedical Projects and Community Engagement.

Phil Compton

Res. Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry

Philip Compton directs development of SampleStream.

Steven Patrie

Director of Neuroproteomics

Steven Patrie is the Director of Neuroproteomics.

Young Ah Goo

Director of Collaboration and Service

Young Ah Goo directs the core facility.

Rich LeDuc

Director of Computational Proteomics

Rich advises staff and collaborators on experimental design and informatics.

Ryan Fellers

Senior Software Engineer

Ryan Fellers serves as a Senior Software Engineer and assists with Community Engagement through software.


Jeannie Camarillo

Director of Cancer Proteomics

Jeannie leads targeted top-down proteomics projects.

Rafael Melani

Sr Research Scientist

Rafa is active on technology development projects.

Haylee Thomas

Research Administrator

Haylee serves as research administrator for the NRTDP.

Scientific Staff

Robby Parish

Lab Engineer

Henrique Seckler

Graduate Student

Bryan Early

Software Engineer

Joseph Greer

Software Engineer

Lauren Adams

Graduate Student

Soumya Kandi

Graduate Student

Jack McGee

Graduate Student

Bryon Drown

Postdoctoral Associate

Kevin Jooss

Postdoctoral Associate

Haemin Park

Postdoctoral Associate

Fernanda Negrao

Postdoctoral Associate

Ben Des Soye


Voislav Blagojevic



Administrative Staff

Chris O. Biddle

Administrative Staff

Shari Bratanch

Administrative Staff
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