Driving Biomedical Projects

Biomedical projects drive innovation at the National Resource for Translational and Developmental Proteomics. Below are a list of currently active projects.

Top-Down Proteomics of the Oocyte Secretome and Nuclear Proteome

PI: Teresa Woodruff PhD, Northwestern University: Whole protein separations for small samples from mammalian ova. This project strongly drives TR&D 1 — measuring the secretome from less than 50 individual cells.

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Top and Middle Down of p53 Modification Codes

PIs: Galit Lahav PhD and Jeremy Gunawardena PhD, Harvard Medical School. Proteoform analyses of p53, a complex regulator of cellular stress. This project strongly drives TR&D 1 — resolving complex proteoform profiles.

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Top-Down Proteomics of HDL Particles in Atherosclerosis

PIs: John Wilkins MD, Northwestern University and Allan Sniderman MD, McGill University. Comprehensive analysis of lipoproteins in HDL. This project strongly drives TR&D 2 — characterization and screening of modified lipoprotein proteoforms.

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Using Top-Down Mass Spectrometry to Detect, Quantify and Isotype Monoclonal Immunoglobulins in Serum

PIs: David Barnidge PhD, David Murray MD and Surendra Dasari PhD, Mayo Clinic. Analyze IgG fragments from B-cell cancers for improved, precision diagnosis. This project strongly drives TR&D 2 — targeted MS/MS above 25 kDa.
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Tracking Allograft Outcomes Using High-throughput Whole Protein Analysis

PIs: Michael Abecassis MD/MBA, Dan Salomon MD, and Joshua Levitsky MD, Northwestern University and the Scripps Research Institute. Proteoform biomarkers for early detection and prediction of acute allograft rejection. This project strongly drives TR&D 3 — discovery mode top-down MS of patient samples.

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Top-Down Proteomics of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

PI: Shuo Ma MD/PhD, Northwestern University. Proteomics-directed personalized medicine. This project strongly drives TR&D 3 — a project-wide, run-time database to guide proteomics experiments.  This DBP is complete.

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Histone Modification Dynamics in Heart Failure

PI: Thomas Vondriska PhD, University of California, Los Angeles. Histone PTM changes in heart failure. This project strongly drives TR&D 4 — quantitating and reporting histone modification changes.

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Histone Modifications in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

PIs: Ari Melnick MD and Fran Garrett-Bakelman MD/PhD, Weill-Cornell Medical School. Histone modifications in cancer cell with epigenetic modifier mutations. This project strongly drives TR&D 4 — clinical epiproteomics.

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